The Era Of Digital Crime

When asked about the features of the most secured computer,a digital security expert answered and said “ It is the computer which is not yet connected to the internet”

Nowadays the internet became a fertilized land to grow another kind of crime,which is different in its sense and essence from what we’ve traditionally known about crimes,the internet criminal carries no guns and steals no financial institution and has no need to attack or kill any guard.

In fact he is in his own home somewhere in this big world and with some clicks of a mouse and keyboard presses he can enter any network he desires, either it belongs to a government or financial institution, and then do whatever he wants.

Stealing information by internet pirates or hackers seems easier,faster and more valuable, than kidnapping a child and demanding some ransom.

What complicates the computer crime is the fact that it needs no expertise,especially with the advent of computer software that anyone can use to launch some complicated attacks which they were done before by highly trained experts.Software such as MetaSploit and Backtrack ,among others,have made the task of penetrating even relatively secured networks a breeze ,these software systems were originally made for white hat hackers to test the network for potential security treats and vulnerabilities but later have been exploited by black hat hackers to actually penetrate networks with tools created to protect these networks,with the emergence of these easy to use but sophisticated systems that can launch complex attacks,new kind of criminals were born ,the majority of them are young people ,with little to no skill at all,their sole purpose is to blindly attack or steal.

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Developer and technical author. Read more articles at Techiediaries

Developer and technical author. Read more articles at Techiediaries