How to buy the best Laptop for developers and programmers [2017]

I have struggled for a past period of time from a bad Laptop .As a normal user my Laptop was quite enough for a lot of things I do,such as browsing the web ,watching videos and playing some popular games etc . But as a developer it was far from what I really needed which has negatively impacted my productivity and added some extra complexity to my daily tasks .Depending on the kind of a developer you are ,you might think that I’m exaggerating .Especially if you are a web developer who is still using the old tools to build simple static or portfolio websites or even web apps .In this case any Laptop can be quite enough for you ,but not at all ,if you are the kind of developer who tend to use modern tools and frameworks .Think of it ,for example a cross platform mobile developer using modern frameworks such as Ionic ,NativeScript or React Native ,needs to use emulators or even virtual machines for different mobile devices .It is more productive than having to debug on different real devices .Also Development IDEs are becoming more powerful but in the same time consume more processor power and memory resources ,a lot of them have even raised their minimum hardware requirements.

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