Developing a cross browser plugin or extension

Chrome or Firefox plugins are extremely useful,they offer a lot of functionalities and automate many tasks ,your everyday browsing experience becomes more enjoyable and utile ,if you use web browsers then you have certainly used some kind of plugin especially in Chrome or Firefox .

Every browser has its own set of api to allow developers to make plugins for their platform

In this Article we are going to use a cross browser platform named Kango to develop a plugin for major web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox,using the beloved javascript

The plugin is a task scheduler which arose from my need to remember tasks to do when i’m browsing the web,these task are generally related to the site i’m currently visiting ,i tend to open and switch between a lot of tabs , different ideas come to my mind when i’m visiting some website such as writing an article about some topic or just recheck the website later etc.. so i decided to write a plugin that helps me remember tasks to do later when i’m busy browsing the web and suddenly some idea fall into my head .

Kango is free for opensource non commercial projects

You need to have Python 2.7 installed in your machine,then simply download the kango framework files from this link

Now just create some directory in your working area and extract the zip files inside it .

Next open your terminal ,cd into kango folder and execute :

python kango/ create “taskify”

I’ve assumed that you have extracted kango framework inside kango folder , i named this plugin taskify.

When prompted for plugin name just enter Taskify

To start coding your plugin go to src/common and open main.js file

If you want to build the extension ,execute

python kango/ build “taskify”

You will get an output folder with extensions for all major browsers Chrome,Firefox etc..

Developer and technical author. Read more articles at Techiediaries

Developer and technical author. Read more articles at Techiediaries