5 Unusual ways to make money on the Internet

As humans,we all want to make money ,to get a better life ,for us and for our family and children,some people tends to search for ways to make money with the least possible effort and the shortest time,some of these ways are unusual and strange and makes a lot of money on the Internet.

A young man playing Minecraft for millions

Joseph garrett is a young british man who plays the famous Minecraft game for fun and money, when he is playing he records his playing activity with some funny comments he does with his british accent and then he uploads the video on his youtube channel.

A girl makes money by eating

A girl from south korea makes thousands of dollars from youtube videos,by eating a lot of food in front of his camera,she is known by “the diva”,she has many followers which enjoy watching here eating

She has now a full time job where she is eating 3 hours each day in front of camera.

A girl makes money by selling her hair with more than 4000 dollars

hairwork is an american website to sell your hair,one girl made more than 4000 dollars by selling 80 cm of her hair.

Selling spaces on face for publicity

Ross Harper and his friend Ed Moyse sold their face to advertising companies to pay their dept.

In 2011 they started a website on internet BuyMyFace.com ,they managed to sell spaces on their faces for one whole year.

Making Money by wearing cloths

Jason Sadler invented his way to start making half million dollar each year ,by wearing a tshirt with logos from different companies each day.

In 2012 he changed his name to Jason HeadsetsDotCom and made 45 thousand dollars.

Strange world,strange ideas !

So remember even if your idea is the most stupid one ever,you will always find someone who cares ! so think and come up with the next strange idea and start making money on internet.

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