5 tools to modernize your wordpress development

Wordpress is one of the most powerful and most used Content Management System and blogging platform on the web ,it started as a blogging tool but since then it was developed to be a full fledged content management system with the ability to create custom content using built in and supported tools or even creating your own custom database tables(though it is not recommended if you can go without it).Wordpress has a powerful plugin system which allowed developers to make plugins for a lot of business domains and functionalities and it has an easy to follow installation procedure which anyone can follow ,with wordpress users don’t have to be developers to create their blogs or business websites and that was one of the keys of the success, wordpress has gained worldwide.

If you develop Wordpress plugins then you already know some drawbacks of Wordpress

Wordpress doesn’t follow OOP approach for plugin development

No adherence to object oriented patterns such as DRY (Do Not Repeat Yourself) and MVC


No use of modern templating system

No Advanced Routing mechanisms

so here in the article i present to you 5 tools which try to resolve those problems to make wordpress plugins and themes development easy,fun and more productive .



A framework to build wordpress websites and applications





wp orm is a lightweight wordpress orm,which can be installed as wordpress plugin but it is recommended to put it under wp-content/mu-plugins and create a loader to load it

You can easily add models other than builtin or custom posts,it has a dsl query language to query database tables


Eloquent is a powerful and easy to use object relational mapper for Laravel framework,being a composer package it can be used outside of Laravel for any PHP project

wp eloquent is a package which allows wordpress developers to use Laravel eloquent ORM inside their plugins ,it is easilly installable with composer

Just create a composer.json file and put

“require”: {
“tareq1988/wp-eloquent”: “dev-master”

then enter composer install

Developer and technical author. Read more articles at Techiediaries

Developer and technical author. Read more articles at Techiediaries